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Kids Birthday Parties

Let your Kids Celebrate out loud
Memories with a Classic Bowling Birthday!!!

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* 2 Hours - "Unlimited Bowling"

* Maximum Guest Per Private Area - 5

* Hours Available
 Sat 10 am, 12:30 pm, 3 pm
Sun 10 am, 12:30 pm, 3 pm

* Unlimited Bowling & Shoes

* Decorated Party Tables

* Balloons, Tableware & Napkins

* Guest Gift

* Party Hostess

* Custom Food Packages

* Birthday Childs Photo on Monitor

* Party Cost $23.95 Per Bowler includes "Arcade Mania Super Party" - 5 Guest Maximum each Private Area 

* Party Cost $17.95 Per Bowler includes "Super Snack" - 5 Guest Maximum each Private Area

* Party Cost $14.95 Per Bowler includes "Bowling Only" - 5 Guest Maximum each Private Area

We will confirm the number of Bowlers "reserved" in a Reservation Confirmation Call

Party Type Kids Birthday Party Contact - required
Length of Party 2 Hours Phone Number - required
Unlimited Bowling yes Email Address - required
Party Type
Day & Hour

Sat 12:30pm
Sat 3pm
Sun 12:30pm
Sun 3pm
Birthday Child's Name & Age AGE>>
How would you like to be contacted? E-Mail
Select Month and Date For Party
Kids Party - Time Preference
Food Options "Super Snack"
Hot Dog or Pizza, Soft Drink
Birthday Party Package. What is your Package preference? 2 Hours "Unlimited Bowling" with $5 Arcade Card + "Super Snack" = $23.95

2 Hours "Unlimited Bowling" with "Super Snack" (Pizza/Hot Dogs,Drinks) = $17.95

2 Hours "Unlimited Bowling" without "Super Snack" = $14.95
Party Cost - per Area (lane) $23.95
per Bowler
- $5 Arcade Card
- "Super Snack"

per Bowler
"Super Snack"

$14.95 per Bowler without "Super Snack
Signature Bowling Pin $15.00 Would you like to add Signature Bowling Pin - $15
Custom Food Packages yes Food Order Order Food Upon Arrival
Food Options "Super Snack"
Hot Dog or Pizza, Soft Drink
** Decorated Party Table yes Your Preference Balloons Color?
** Balloons yes
Tableware & Napkins
(Napkins are White)
yes Your Preference Table Cloth Color?
Guest Gift yes Questions & Comments
** Party Hostess yes
Advance Reservation Time 24 Hours
Reservation & Deposit Required $25
All Reservations are based on Lane Availability

How LONG does my party last?
Answer: Birthday Parties are scheduled for 2 hours, parties start at the reserved time & end 2 hours from the reserved time. Lanes & tables must be cleared at the end of two hours so they can be cleaned & prepared for the next group.

What is the structure/format of the 2-hour party?
Answer: Bowling first so that lunch may be prepared and served, eating lunch, cake cutting, opening presents & more bowling for a total of 2 hours.

Note: Monday through Friday Kids Birthday Parties do not include some features - Party Hostess, Balloons and Table cloths are not available - All other Party Services/Options are included.

Can my PARTY TIME be EXTENDED on the day of the party?
Answer: MAYBE - Due to other SCHEDULED events, time extensions MAY be available. Please check on arrival - Additional fees apply for additional time.

How soon should I arrive before my party?

Answer: We suggest 15 minutes prior to the party time. You may arrive earlier, HOWEVER, your lanes may not be ready if there are other events prior to yours.

Can ADULTS bowl with my party?
Answer: YES - Anyone can bowl on the birthday party lanes and pay EITHER - $14.95 per person for bowling only OR $17.95 per person for bowling & "Super Snack" option. Bowling Shoes are included & guest may bowl anytime during the 2 hour reservation period.

Can guests pay separately for their bowling?
Answer: YES & NO - Your party attendant will present you with a consolidated bill for all activity on the reserved party lanes. Guests bowling on birthday party lanes should pay the person responsible for the final bill. IF LANES ARE AVAILABLE - Guests can get a separate lane from the party & pay the bowling center directly.

Does the deposit apply to my final bill?
Answer: Yes - the prepaid deposit in full will be applied against the final balance due from the party.

Is my deposit refundable?
Answer: Yes, if the party reservation is canceled more than 72 hours in advance of the scheduled time.

Is tax included already in the quoted price?
Answer: Yes.

What does the party attendant do?
Answer: Pre-party set-up, manage food orders, lane assistance, serve requests by party attendees, bill preparation, & clean-up.

Will my party attendant be exclusive to my party?
Answer: Not necessarily, your hostess may be assisting other parties at the same time as yours depending on group sizes.

May I tip the party hostess?
Answer: Gratuities are permitted & accepted, but are optional.

Can two and three year-old children bowl?
Answer: Yes, all lanes have computer-controlled bumpers which prevent the ball from entering the gutter, ball ramps are available which assist very young & handicapped guest to participate.

What is the minimum number of children required to purchase a birthday party package? What is the maximum party size?
Answer: There is no minimum number of guest to schedule a birthday. The maximum birthday party size is 128.

Can I change my party to regular bowling if I do not have enough guests attend?
Answer: Yes. There are non-birthday party packages available as well as regular bowling pricing. You decide which works best for you once you know how many guest you have. Your party deposit will apply towards your final bill.

What food comes with my birthday party package?
Answer: The $17.95 - "Super Snack" option includes a soft drink & either one slice of cheese pizza or one hot dog for each $17.95 guest.

Can we bring our own food and drinks?
Answer: Food items you may bring are Cake, Cupcakes, & Ice Cream, decorative plates & table settings. Note: Pinboy's will provide at no charge plates, napkins, spoons & forks.

When does the food get served during my party?
Answer: Food is served about 1/2 way through the party. If you prefer something different, please inform your party attendant when you arrive.

What if my child or a guest has food allergies?
Answer: Inform us when booking the party, Pinboy's will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Is a Cake included? Is Ice Cream available at Pinboy's.
Answer: No - Pinboy's does not provide cake or ice cream. Party planners are encouraged to bring a cake or cupcakes & ice cream.

Do the children sit at the same table to eat?
Answer: Children eat at the tables located behind your parties bowling lanes; tables are suited to 4 or 5 persons per table - tables may be pulled together if preferable.

Are goodie bags or party favors included?
Answer: No. However, each guest will receive a Birthday Party Free Bowling Pass at the end of the party.

What decorations are provided?
Answer: A 6-foot gift table with table cloth & helium-filled balloons. You may bring additional decorations - PLEASE - DO NOT BRING GLITTER/CONFETTI OR PINATAS.

Is smoking permitted in the building?
Answer: Pinboys common areas are smoke free. Only in enclosed designated smoking areas with separate ventilation systems - Castawayz Lounge & a room behind lane 28.

Some parties may have flashing, strobing, or pulsating light effects during the event.

Please contact us by email at pinboys@pinboys.com;
at 428-5897 if you have questions that are not answered here.
We also offer special pricing on corporate functions, large groups, etc.
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