How it Works:
1. Bowl 3 games
2.Handicap 90% of 210.  Bowlers use High book average from 2016-2017 season.  If no average exists bowler will use high book from the last 2 years, if no average exists bowler may use current 21+ game verifiable league average.  If no average exists bowler will bowl scratch.
3. Bowlers may enter High Game  handicap sidepot for additional fee $3 each.
4. Bowler shooting for a money frame will inform tournament official before shooting frame.
5. All score changes will be made by tournament official.
6. Remaining Jackpot Fund will be given away in a random raffel ticket drawing at the end of the tournament.
7. Tournament series will be 1 session.  Tournament to be held at 1pm Wednesday April 18th.