Pinboy's at the Beach,428-5897

Wednesday, March 7th, 12:00 pm

8 PIN NO TAP Tournament with
RED Pins

COST: $10.00 per person

How it Works…Knocked down 8 or more pins
With your 1st ball and it counts as a strike!
      Register by Monday, Feb. 20th …Bring an "old" picture of yourself … We'll make a copy of it so that it's not damaged and assign it a number. REMEMBER, no hints to anyone about your picture, because it's a secret.  (Don't let not having an "old" picture keep you away, we'll handle it.  The tournament is too much fun to miss!)

All pictures will be displayed with a number. Bowlers will draw a number from the pictures for their partner.
Everyone will bowl 2 games without knowing who your MYSTERY partner is.  At the start of the 3rd game we'll solve the mystery and add together both bowler's scores for the team's total.

You know everyone now BUT would you have known them then??????

NAME _________________________________________        PHONE ___________________________

ENTRY PAID _____YES _____NO      PICTURE ATTACHED ____YES ____NO      NUMBER _______

DO YOU BOWL AT PINBOY'S? ____YES ___NO      IF NOT, WHERE? _________________________

LANE ASSIGNMENT _______________      HIGH GAME SIDE POTS?  _____YES _____NO